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Finding new ways to measure and understand brand performance, and translate that knowledge into better customer experiences, is central to the CoreBrand Data Science mission.

We’re lead the industry in innovative methodologies, metrics and technology tools, all with one purpose in mind: to enhance your competitiveness.

BrandPower and the CoreBrand Index

CoreBrand Data Science was founded on the premise that there’s real benefit in non-traditional measures of brand value and performance. That’s the idea behind the CoreBrand Index (CBI).

The only data set of its kind, the CBI tracks 1000 companies across 50 industries, providing quantitative measurements of familiarity and favorability among key business decision makers. That data is combined into a unique metric: BrandPower. A company’s BrandPower and how it changes over time deliver a distinct perspective on the performance, challenges and opportunities facing a brand.

BrandPower also offers a quantitative basis for comparison within a competitive set. That enables companies to complement monetary measures of valuation and ROI by including intangible factors. The result is a more comprehensive and meaningful view of brand performance and how it impacts a company’s market value, stock price and reputation.

CBI data, along with the proven, customizable brand equity and ROI models we employ, are ready-made resources that reduce the load on your organization. We’ve done the baseline data gathering already, so tailored research can be started without delay, completed faster and you can get actionable recommendations sooner.

Brand Performance Dashboard

Communicating brand performance in terms that CEO and other business leaders can relate to can be a real challenge. When information like marketing ROI and brand reputation can be presented clearly—and on an ongoing basis—better-informed and more strategic decisions can be made.

The CoreBrand Data Science Brand Performance Dashboard makes that possible. Through a customized, easy-to-grasp view into multiple aspects of brand performance, business leaders gain rapid, high-level insight into how brand and marketing investments impact the enterprise.

The Dashboard is a useful adjunct to CoreBrand Data Science research and analytics, providing an overview that places the deeper thinking and action into context.

Data Licensing

Our data is used by other organizations to drive their discrete analytics. CoreBrand Data is a unique asset that tracks 1000 companies across 50 industries through quantitative research with 10,000 respondents. The research methodology has remained consistent for 23 years, giving data scientists and analysts a unique opportunity to use our data in their models. We also provide guidance in understanding the data and ways to apply it effectively.

A notable example is our partnership with BrandTransact® Worldwide and Brandometry™. BTW and Brandometry use the CoreBrand 1000 as the engine for the Brand Value Exchange Traded Fund, traded on the NYSE® under the BVAL ticker. The fund uses the power of CoreBrand Data to identify stocks that are undervalued in the market. For more information

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