Data + Research + Expertise = Advantage

Our philosophy is simple. We are here to help you harness the power of data to protect and unlock value, and enhance brand performance.

The way we do it is distinctive. It’s a blend of data, customized research, and deep analytic and strategic expertise. That combination takes CoreBrand Data Science to a higher level—one that’s truly consultative, not just informative.


CoreBrand Data Science is rooted in a unique asset: the CoreBrand Index (CBI) and its underlying data, which tracks and ranks 1,000 companies in 50 industries.

This continuously maintained data set was established in 1990. That gives us the ability to provide not only current benchmarks, but a rare historical perspective that reveals momentum over time, enabling better predictions about the future.

The CBI is just one piece of a larger mosaic. Its true value surfaces when it’s combined with data from other sources: custom market research and information you already possess, such as corporate marketing investments and ad spend. By providing context that tracks familiarity and favorability among key decision makers, more useful and deeply dimensioned insight emerges when performing valuation, equity and ROI analyses.

CBI data, along with the proven, customizable brand equity and ROI models we employ, are ready-made resources that reduce the load on your organization. We’ve done the baseline data gathering already, so tailored research can be started without delay, completed faster and you can get actionable recommendations sooner.

The CBI is the basis of Tenet Partners’ annual Top 100 Most Powerful Brands report, which tracks the BrandPower of leading brands across the economy over time. It’s an informative snapshot of current trends affecting corporate familiarity and reputation.

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Data and analytics are about answering critical business questions, but they are of limited value without deeper context. Research can provide that critical perspective—but only if it’s able to move beyond narrowly defined areas to encompass the larger picture.

CoreBrand Data Science is a full-service, consultative market research firm. Rather than providing a punch-list of pre-defined research products, we take a client-centric approach that starts with the need, identifies the specific issues to solve for, and tailors the research accordingly. That guides a more strategic and effective effort, able to get relevant answers much faster and more efficiently.

The value of customized research is in its ability to drive real solutions and support the business case for targeted brand and marketing investments.

CoreBrand Data Science’s Brand Equity Valuation methodology is the only one certified by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board.

Analytic and strategic expertise

Connecting the value chain from the bottom to the top gives an unprecedented strategic view of business performance and opportunities to create competitive advantage. And having command of data and insights is the key.

Interpreting data and research findings, and developing an action plan that yields meaningful results, requires specialized expertise in multiple areas. The analysts at CoreBrand Data Science are able to design robust research systems, gather market intelligence, and organize diverse data streams across the customer journey. This is combined with machine-based predictive analytics to unlock insights needed to inform decisions and reporting.

But there’s another aspect: strategic expertise that helps make sense of the findings and transform your ability to shape positive customer experiences and guide decisions that enhance enterprise value.

CoreBrand Data Science is part of Tenet Partners, a leading brand innovation firm with decades of experience in shaping brand strategy.

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