Know how your brand contributes to value creation

Do your leaders understand the impact of actions on corporate reputation? We can give you a clear, timely picture of how major marketing investments build familiarity and favorability—the starting point for smarter, more effective business decisions.

Focus on the customer experiences that matter most

Do you know which customer touch points create competitive advantage? Which require investments? Planned or not, your company delivers a vast number of customer experiences. We can help you sort out the ones that make a difference to your brand from those that don’t.

Connect your strategy to action and performance

CoreBrand answers management’s toughest questions with precision, accuracy and proven methodologies. We have over 20 years of data on 1000 brands, decades of consulting experience with the world’s leading companies and the expertise to guide you to better, more strategic brand management.

CoreBrand Index

CoreBrand Data Science is rooted in a unique asset: the CoreBrand Index (CBI) and its underlying data, which tracks and ranks 1,000 companies in 50 industries.

Brand Performance Dashboard

The analysts at CoreBrand Data Science are able to design robust research systems, gather market intelligence, and organize diverse data streams across the customer journey.

Who benefits from CoreBrand Data Science research?


A current gauge of where your company stands among peers provides valuable confirmation that you’re on the right path—or signals that something needs to change. Our research helps marketers speak in terms that CEOs can relate to.

The Board

Decisions at the Board level are driven by tangible results. Our analytics provide not only a macro view of the value of the brand, but also its contribution to stock price and market capitalization. That helps the brand become a strategic tool as well as an asset.

The CMO and Marketers

Monetary measures of brand value provide only a partial picture. By quantifying intangible value and combining that data with your own, you have the tools to optimize marketing and advertising investments—and the associated ROI.

Data Analysts

Information that’s both timely and relevant is essential to effective management. We’re able to deliver targeted insights quickly, so you can pinpoint emerging problems and hidden opportunities to help management make informed decisions and investments.

CX Managers

Across the economy, customer experience leadership is fast becoming a key competitive battleground. We can help you implement innovative technologies to track and manage the customer experience in real time, using mobile technology and predictive analytics.

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